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Quote from a special friend of FTHP

“Thank you to all of you for what you do!  Dan thankfully introduced me and JE Dunn to your organization about 8 years ago because he and his wife and young children volunteered as a family.   Thanks again for your support of those in need.  What you do is truly remarkable.” – Pam Johnson, Executive Assistant to Dan Kaufman at JE Dunn

We are so humbled by the generosity  of  JE Dunn and all their amazing employees who come out to the feeding site, who donate of their time and talent and to put on the Annual Hammer Down 5K Dunn Run to benefit Feeding the Homeless Project.  We love what we do and to be able to feed over 200 homeless men and women each week, rain or shine, we are blessed because of sponsors like JE Dunn.  


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