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Partners for Home Zoom Call June 5, 2020

Partners for Home/Atlanta Continuum of Care Zoom Call 6/5

Non-congregate Hotel and the Isolation Unit Hotel

The non-congregate hotel is at its capacity of 250. Over the next 60 days 169 of the 250 are scheduled to transition out into housing.

Partners for Home will establish a housing war room to help residents of the non-congregate hotel exit into housing.

The Isolation Unit Hotel has 3 residents.


Mercy Care held 23 testing events between April 7 and May 15.

3000 plus tests have been performed since April 7 with only 31 positive results. 28 clients and 3 staff members. This is much lower than in other cities.

Mercy Care has received funding from the federal government to continue testing. This testing will be limited to follow up and targeted testing. This is because of the past low positivity test results and based on CDC recommendations. There will be one Mercy Care testing event per week. They will be conducted at Gateway Center, Crossroads, and Safehouse on a rotating basis. There will be testing for 100-150 individuals per event in half day sessions.

Food Distribution

Partners for Home and Proof of the Pudding are continuing to distribute 900 meals a day to the unsheltered and 500 a day to those in shelters with need for additional food.

Starting 6/15 the number of meals will be reduced to 500 per day to the unsheltered. Also starting 6/15 Partners for Home will be working with World Central Kitchen and Empire State South for providing these meals.

Chelsea Arkin of Partners for Home will be coordinating meal distribution with the various agencies and entities delivering meals. This includes FTHP who has taken over Saturday deliveries on several of the routes previously delivered by Partners for Home and Proof of the Pudding.


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