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May 20, 2020 – Update from our Chairman

Happy early Memorial Day weekend!  I hope you are well and staying safe as we all attempt to remain healthy and socially distant.

As you know, Feeding The Homeless Project has been unable to offer our normal Saturday Feedings since early March.  The weeks of March 14 and March 21 were limited to handing out breakfast sandwiches and water as we adapted to the changing situation. 

Since that time, we’ve remained vigilant to our cause by supporting other groups who’ve stepped up to offer their services as well as become actively engaged with the city’s collaborative efforts to help our homeless friends.  FTHP has been directly contributing funds to organizations such as Motivation Forward (Big Ben) and Lady T who safely deliver bagged meals to small groups throughout the city. FTHP is also supporting Atlanta Partners for Home/Continuum of Care by providing 500 bottles of water weekly.  And several members of our leadership team (thanks Susan, Heather and LeeAnn) have been volunteering their time to distribute meals prepared by Proof of the Pudding to many of our friends on Edgewood and beyond.  I’m happy to share that on average, through these organizations, there are more than 1,200 meals being shared daily.

We are committed to seeking ways to extend our efforts during this difficult time. To that end, we participate in regular weekly meetings with Partners for Home and other homeless initiatives to insure we have the latest updates and become aware of new opportunities to serve safely.  If you’d like to participate in the delivery of the meals currently put together by Proof of the Pudding, contact Chelsea Arkin at  You can see more about the requirements for volunteering at

We remain dedicated to your safety and the safety of those we serve. With that in mind, the leadership of FTHP has decided that until we can provide adequate safeguards for everyone involved, we simply will not restart our regular feedings.  At this time, we do not anticipate being back to our regular feeding location until mid/late June.  At that time, we likely will have a much different process in place to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

I will attempt to provide updates to plans as things develop. Thank you for your continued involvement with FTHP.  If you have any suggestions, call or email me directly.

Best wishes,

Jim Rahm


Feeding the Homeless Project

770 712-9887

PS – Keep up with our activity on our website at

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