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July 18, 2020

Although we are not serving a full breakfast on the streets with our amazing sponsors, the folks at FTHP are still making sure our friends on the street are still being taken care of and fed.  Each Saturday, a kitchen crew of 5-6 wonderful and dedicated service team leaders make full sack meals which include a hot breakfast sandwich, fruit, chips, granola bar, water and something extra special in their bags such as hand sanitizer, masks, or  a pair of socks.

Then, teams of 3, collect the ready made bags (usually 216 meals) and head off on a designated route to deliver meals and provide some fellowship at a social distance of course.  It’s heartbreaking for our friends and for those of us who deliver as you can see they miss their weekly Saturday morning rituals.  

Hopefully in the future we will be able to give a hug, carry on a conversation or share a prayer with our friends.  Until then, we will keep delivering meals and remind them we will be back.


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