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A New Beginning…Going Beyond Breakfast

There is nothing better than a feel good happy ending/new beginning story.  Candace and her family of 4 (husband and 2 small little girls) would show up to our early morning Saturday feedings for a few months and several of our Bridge Builders and many of our Service Leaders would talk about how we could help them get off the street, how we could go Beyond Breakfast.

As it turns out, one morning 2 weeks ago Candace said they got an apartment as she was proudly dangling the new keys from her fingers!  That’s when the wheels started turning and we were full steam ahead…Bill and Julie Sutton along with Peyton and Ryan and Adam and Jack and Tim and oh so many others in our FTHP Family got them beds and mattresses, couches and tables, pots and pans, dressers and a dining table, appliances, sheets and towels, toys and dolls and everything in between to start their new life! What started out as an empty apartment quickly became a home for this family.

It was truly amazing how this came together in such a short period of time but last weekend Candace and her family were crying tears of joy from the generosity of  everyone who is involved in Feeding the Homeless Project and gave so selflessly of themselves to this family.

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